I’ve been rewatching Danny Phantom, and I finished this episode not too long ago. Probably old news, even then you can probably just piece together what is going on. 

This episode is mainly about how a ghost dog destroy the life of popular teen, Valerie, by causing her dad to lose his job. Valerie then becomes a ghost hunter to exact revenge.

However, on closer inspection you will notice that this was a guard dog from the company Valerie’s father worked for, Axion; and with subtitles the owner states on how the guard dogs become a “thing of the past”. The ghost puppy keeps returning and Danny begins to train it, only to learn that it’s been trained already, to an extent. Danny then figures out that the ghost puppy is looking for something and tries to help him find it.
 It all goes back to the Axion company, Valerie ends up sending Danny flying through the walls and he stumbles upon an old dog Kennel. 

An old Kennel…this must be where they kept all the guard dogs.” 

Then he stumbles upon the puppy’s old squeaky toy.

Now, one knows a guard dog must be heavily trained, obeying orders on the spot. The ghost dog obeyed, but only so much. He’s usually a puppy, but can change to a full grown dog, but due to how well he obeys, he most likely died as a puppy. Then again the old kennel is covered in cob webs, filled with old pet taxis, and looks to be abandoned for some time. Either way,

It’s quite possible the Axion company killed their guard dogs. 

or y’know…sent em to the pound. Either way, the dog is dead. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012 #danny phantom   #shades of gray   #edited   #I need to learn how to spell  
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