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Second installment in my new “My Brain and I” series! You can check out the first comic here.

10. A letter to your favorite actor/actress

I have several, and I honestly don’t know what to say. What does everone say to their favorite actor? Thank you? You’re an inspiration? Of course, I do agree, though what can I say that is unique to me?
Maybe I should say thanks for just doing what you do. Movies, tv shows, cartoons, etc, they are very important to me. Possibly because I learned a lot of life lessons with the help of TV. Not everyone’s parents are there for them to teach them the basics. Mine certainly didn’t teach me anything worthwhile. I learned a lot from my favorite characters from shows and movies. Maybe it wasn’t exactly perfect, but hey it was something. They say TV can rot the brain, but honestly, I think it’s the only reason I ever started to think for myself.
So, thank you for just doing what you do.


you know the friendship’s real when there’s a rumour you’re gay for each other

Just write it badly. You’re stuck because you’re worried it’s not going to be be any good. So don’t worry about it. You’ll fix it when you edit it.
D, just now, in the best advice from a non-writer I’ve ever had (via tanukiham)
9. A letter to your favorite singer

Dear David Bowie,

Do I even need to write a letter about how amazing you are? No, you already know. Though it doesn’t hurt to always hear it, does it? Maybe one day I can be an ounce as fabulous as you. Thank you for existing.


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women: *are killed, beaten, raped, and put down constantly for hundreds of years just for being women*

woman who is also a feminist: *cracks a joke about men on the internet*

men: ”see this is the problem with feminism it promotes hate speech they’re no better than sexist men why can’t i punch women in the face and why does the guy have to pay on dates #equalitarianism”